Feral to Fabulous is an ongoing blog series about the feral dogs No Kill Kern captures and rehabilitates

Annie was living in a field behind a concrete recycling facility.  The staff would leave food out for her but could never touch her.  After a few months of seeing her day after day, the crew was surprised by three bouncing puppies following behind Annie.  Her three puppies were captured but Annie was elusive.  We had just received a donated dog trap a few days before and decided to give it a shot.  It worked!

Once we trapped Annie it was clear she was feral.  She was to scared to exit the trap and would show her teeth, not because she was aggressive, because she was terrified we would hurt her.

Annie scored an awesome foster who was able to slowly build up her confidence.  By working with our trainers and being devoted to helping Annie overcome her fears, Shasta helped her grow leaps and bounds.  She taught Annie how to walk on a leash, she taught Annie her name, but most importantly she taught Annie how to trust.

Shasta followed our trainers directions to a T and as a result she continued to have breakthrough after breakthrough.  Soon Annie was just like ever other member of the house! Because she was still fearful of new people, we changed her foster.  Annie was ready to take the next steps in her rehabilitation which included meeting children and a new pack of foster siblings.

Annie continued to make progress by taking on new challenges.  She learned to trust her new foster, Christina, and quickly became part of the family.  Once we felt she was ready for the next chapter, we listed her for adoption.  Now Annie has a family of her own, a new fur brother named Joe and two boys to share her love.  She's as happy as can be and loving every single day.  She would have been considered a lost cause by some, but we knew that deep down in her was an amazing dog waiting to get out.