Hachika's story was brought to our attention by a friend who had seen her living in a field near his home for months.

Upon arrival, we watch Hachika while she went about her daily routine.  She would walk down the road to a corn field, drink water from their irrigation ditch, swim in the sump across the street, walk back and lay in the middle of a field just off the main road. It was almost 100 degrees and she was not hiding under shelter for shade, she wasn't digging a den to stay cool, she would only lay in field with the sun beating down on her.

We had to figure out why she kept returning to that spot so we slowly approached. That's when we saw the body of another dog who had been struck down by a car, badly decomposed but almost every piece remained. Hachika was guarding her fallen friend. 

We set to work developing a plan to capture her, it was one of the hardest rescues I've ever been a part of.  When we saved this dog, we didn't have a dog trap.  Everything would have to be freehand, in a field, in the middle of nothing with miles for her to run in each direction and the occasional farm house. 

After 3 days, we moved the body while she was off drinking water.  A neighbor allowed to let us use his gated yard to trap her.  12 hours later, the will to be near her friend was too great to resist and she entered the yard, laid under a tree and fell asleep.

We had just enough time to block the 3 gates that she could escape from.  I dropped down a leash as she tried to push past me and just like that, our battle to capture this dog was over.

At first she seemed sad, then scared, then overjoyed when she realized we wouldn't hurt her.  The thought of leaving her friend behind never crossed my mind, as she hadn't left them behind after all of these months.  We had her friend picked up, cremated and some of the ashes placed in a charm for Hachika to keep with her, always.

Hachika quickly found a home with an amazing family.  Now she has a new fur brother, fur sister, mom and dad as her pack.  She also has her friend, who we named Angel, hanging from her collar. 

The video of her rescue has been viewed over 1,000,000 times! Her inspirational story of loyalty is one worth reliving.

Check out her RESCUE VIDEO HERE!