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I thought I would update everyone on his condition as well as the full story as we know it so far.  Please bear with me as it isn't easy to hear what this little guy has been going through.  I have been exposed to abuse that would keep the average person up for weeks, this is by far the worst and most malicious situation I have ever seen. 

02/17, someone found Chip laying in a field off Monitor and Pacheco with an injured jaw.  Unsure of how to help, they shared his story in hopes that someone would know what do to. 

02/18 someone read Chip's story and went to the location where he previously was only to discover he hadn't moved from that spot. Also unsure on what to do, they gave him a blanket and shared his story. 

02/19, a friend of mine found the thread about Chip and after discovering that he was still in the field, she headed out. She simply couldn't stand to know that he was laying there alone. 

When I found out what was going on I contacted her to see if we could help.  We met at the vet where she began to tell me about the abuse he suffered, as recounted to her by someone who claimed to have witnessed it.  The witness told them that a local 8th grader had "kicked" chip in the face. 

Upon seeing his condition and consulting with one of our veterinarians at Bakersfield Vet, it was determined that Chip's jaw was not only clearly broken but he would need to seek treatment with a specialist right away. 

We immediately hit the road to VCA West Los Angeles. 

Chip had a CT scan at VCA. The results have come in from the scan and my heart broke wide open. He wasn't just kicked, Chip had his face stomped multiple times. 

4 fractures to the right side of the lower jaw. 

Multiple crushed bones on the right side of the lower jaw. 

1 fracture to the left jaw. 

The entire right side of his nasal cavity had collapsed due to the abuse.

A fracture in the right ocular cavity. 

A section of bone was missing from the left side of his lower jaw. 

There is a hole going from the roof of Chip's mouth into his nasal cavity. 

A large section of bone on the right side of his lower jaw is dead and cannot be salvaged. 

VCA attempted to perform surgery to repair his injuries but quickly realized there was nothing they could do there. 

We contacted UC Davis who believes they may be able to repair the damage over the course of several surgeries. 

On 02/22 Chip was transferred to UC Davis for treatment where doctor believe they can reconstruct his jaw. 

Chip had his surgery on 02/23 and we were lucky enough to score an amazing foster mom for him in Davis, Ca. 

He had a second procedure at UC Davis on 03/15, to see if the repairs were working and remove a retainer they had in place to hold his jaw bones together.  Chip will go back to UC Davis in April for another surgery to try finish repairing the damage. 

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