Capture Rescue Request Form

If you know of a dog in need of rescue that you would like to alert our team about, please fill out the form below.

If you believe the animal is in immediate danger, contact animal control!

Due to the number of request, we cannot respond to each individually but we do read each one.  Please do not submit multiple request.

Bakersfield Animal Control 661-326-3436        Kern County Animal Services 661-868-7100


Name *
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Your Number
Has the property owner been notified? *
Property Owner Contact Number *
Property Owner Contact Number
Will a rescue/individual be taking the dog after capture? *
Person of contact at rescue/individual party *
Person of contact at rescue/individual party
Have you tried and failed to capture this dog? *
Is someone regularly feeding the dog? *
Is the dog wearing a collar? *
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Do you agree not to participate in the capture of the animal UNLESS your participation is requested by the trap team. *
Are you willing to pay the sponsorship fee of $50 for the attempted rescue of this dog? Willingness to sponsor this rescue will not play a roll in our evaluation of this case. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis.